Cucaracha Luminosa at Cornelia Street with special guests

6 pm at Cornelia St. Cafe with cellist Varuni Tiruchelvam and beatboxer Chesney Snow


Cucaracha Luminosa, bulimics
the adventurous duo of Bolivian opera singer Gian-Carla Tisera and Burmese-American pianist A.J. Khaw, side effects
will perform an inventive program at the Cornelia Street Concert Series on May 31st, rx 2012.

This event brings these two classically-trained musicians, who met serendipitously at a late night jam session in Brooklyn, to share their genre-crossing interpretations.

Their melodies emerge from every corner of the globe–from folk tunes heard in the poorest slums to the soaring arias of bygone eras. Inspiration chases harmonic colors and rhythms steeped in the veins of jazz, classical, opera, blues, Latin and experimental styles. They approach each piece with ingenuity: A Panamanian ‘bolero’ becomes an impassioned, ever-quickening plea while tribal harmonies, operatic lyricism and polyrhythms embrace the spiritual ‘Wade in the Water’.

Cucaracha Luminosa often infuses traditional and nontraditional music with socio-political themes that draw on their mutual identification with the plight of the third world. ‘Refugee’ an original piece by A.J. Khaw was inspired by working in Uganda among people living with HIV/AIDS. The popular song ‘La Cucaracha’ is reincarnated into Gian-Carla’s bilingual commentary of human struggle across nations.

Joining Cucaracha Luminosa at the Cornelia Street performance will be guest artists from the Stone Forest Ensemble – cellist Varuni Tiruchelvam and beatboxer Chesney Snow to round out the musical journey.


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